The tradition of timber framing claims roots around the world, from Asia to Europe, and utilizes techniques dating back to Neolithic times. Nicolas Thionville, owner of Timeless Timberframers and master craftsman, claims his roots in France.  That is where his passion for old world timber framing began and where he honed his skills in the trade.


It is difficult to date the appearance of the timber framing in France, but by the fourteenth century they became widespread and were found in Alsace, Aquitaine, the Ardennes, Bresse, Brittany, Normandy, the Landes, Sologne, in the Basque Country and in the Île de France. This timber frame building technique is based on the principles of minimizing the use of materials, achieving a lightweight form of construction and ease of implementation.

At Timeless Timberframers, we have an unwavering commitment to deliver the highest quality in every timber frame project we build. A high standard of quality is maintained in all aspects of the process throughout construction.  We work closely with architects, builders, and individuals to ensure that everyone’s project meets and exceeds their expectations.



Nicolas Thionville’s family has been working with wood for several generations: loggers, sawmill, cabinet makers, carpenters, and timberframers.  He has been building things with wood since he was a kid.  At the age of 16, Nicolas started a traditional apprenticeship.  In France, an apprenticeship is kind of a brotherhood or a guild. The training goes back to at least the middle ages.  

Carpenters who are members of these French trade guilds recognize the scribing tradition as having a symbolic and initiatory meaning that remains a secret. Nicolas Thionville carries the scribing tradition and the skills he learned into his timberframing techniques today.  His knowledge comes straight down from the builders of castles and cathedrals builders and is part of an intangible cultural heritage. The French scribe technique allows Nico to build utiilzing ‘imperfect’ lumber.  Most timberframers utilize a process that requires a CNC machine to produce the timberframes and that machine can only process perfect lumber.

When he lived in Europe, Nico specialized in restoration. He worked on many buildings that were over 500 years old.  Since moving to the United States, he has worked on a lot of restorations and relocations of houses and log cabins. Nico also specializes in repairing major structural issues on existing buildings.  He worked on the restoration of Montpelier, James Madison’s homeplace.